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V75’s Jaseci Apprenticeship Program

Awesome Outputs from the  Jaseci AI Apprenticeship Program

Oct, 2022


The Jaseci AI Paid Apprenticeship program, executed by V75 Inc. in collaboration with Nexus Hub Inc and funded by IDB Lab was recently concluded. The paid apprenticeship program saw some of the most impressive AI products being demoed by the nine apprentices who qualified for the three-month programme. The apprentices spent their time honing their Jaseci skills and building their own cutting-edge AI products with Jaseci. For the first month, the participants were tasked with formulating and documenting their project ideas – ideas that would map to the capabilities of the Jaseci stack. Some of these ideas were: a WhatsApp integrated virtual assistant for a hair salon which maintains customer appointments on Google calendar; a virtual assistant which talks participants through a personality test and displays a graphical assessment afterwards; and a virtual assistant for an airline through which reservations can be made, just to name a few. Once their ideas were approved, the apprentices built out their solutions using Jaseci. During this time they were guided by the program facilitator, Mr. Eldon Marks during weekly one-on-ones as well as group-based sessions where they learned from each other. At the end of the program, Jaseci’s inventor and founder, Prof. Jason Mars was present to witness project presentations made by the apprentices. Prof. Mars was beyond impressed with the quality of work showcased and shared that he was thrilled to see how the apprentices were able to apply their creativity and ingenuity while wielding the development stack to produce such awesome projects.  


The apprenticeship creates a pathway for the apprentices to pursue their tech careers as AI engineers. V75 Inc and Jaseci Labs are actively discussing a partnership to build a Jaseci engineering team in Guyana, starting with select apprentices from the program. 



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