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A Jaseci Outreach Story

“In one of our previous publications we covered V75 Inc.’s adoption of Jaseci though a bootcamp organized by the company. V75 Inc. is one of Guyana’s prominent technology firms which specializes in conversational AI and enterprise solutions. Since then, their developers have continued on the journey of building with the platform. We consider this one of Jaseci Labs outreach stories and in this publication, we hear from two of V75 Inc.’s developers on their impressions of building with our AI stack.”

Jaseci brings both simplicity and power together with it easy to leverage AI models. It’s the perfect tool for anyone with no background in AI to create, deploy and scale your applications with ease. The JAC language paradigm allows for solving problems via graph representation. This opens a new world for programmers to think and solve problems. Jaseci gives a single programmer the skills of an entire software team.
Timothy Shiwprasad
Student at the University of Guyana

“Jaseci made it easy to add AI functionality to TrueSelph. It’s fun and elegant, and was simple to integrate into our existing backend. Jaseci makes it easy to pick and use the appropriate model that’s required for a particular feature. Jac, the language used to create Jaseci programs, is pleasurable to write, and easy to learn, and provides a wonderful DX. And the tools shipped with Jaseci makes it easy to debug your AI programs. With Jaseci, creating and stitching together microservices that supply disparate AI models is no longer necessary.”
Gimel Dick
Systems Engineer @ V75 Inc
Student at the University of Guyana


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