Step into the future of GenAI development with Jaseci Consultancy at Jaseci Labs

Jaseci for your Enterprise

Jaseci incorporates its own programming language, specifically built for the utilization of AI models, and the simplification of a lot of boilerplate and basic infrastructure currently required for building scalable AI products.

Cost Efficiency

Algorithmia’s “2020 State of Enterprise ML.” shows that over 70% of AI projects fail between the stages of “Proof of Concept” and “Deployment”, with 40% of companies taking over 1 MONTH to deploy machine learning models.
The Jaseci Stack abstracts most of the complexities involved with building scalable systems, deployment, integration of technologies, building core data structures, etc. allowing developers to focus on higher level programming and building out the actual AI application.

Development Speed

While the Jaseci Stack abstracts core infrastructural needs for deployment, scalability, data structures, etc., the Jaseci programming language provides syntactic sugar that allows the development of:

Scalable and easily maintainable codebases

Libraries to support core needs of developers working on AI models


Jaseci is licensed under the MIT license, which, apart from being free and open source, allows your company to keep full ownership and rights over all code, applications and other IP developed on top of the Jaseci framework.