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Build robust & sophisticaled AI products with Jaseci’s wide range of ready-to-use bleeding edge AI models straight out of the box.

Cost Efficiency

Jaseci’s simplification of complex programming allows developers to build an AI application in the most cost-effective way possible.


Development Speed

Jaseci’s programming language allows rapid development of scalable codebases along with libraries to support developers working on AI models.


Jaseci’s free and open-source model allows you full ownership over all code, applications and other IP developed on top of the Jaseci framework.

We didn't even need to understand the AI model, and just used it out of the box. Works like magic

“We use Jacesi to build out the entire back-end within a month. This includes the back-end to support productivity features (task management etc) as well as some really cool AI-driven features. We used the cutting-edge zero-shot natural language model to create a feature called auto-categorization that automatically groups user tasks for them. We didn't even need to understand the AI model, and just used it out of the box. Works like magic!”
Lingjia Tang
CS Professor, University Of Michigan, ISCA Hall Of Famer
"Jaseci provided a great jumpstart kit for exploring how to create data structures to support our product. We set out to create a new product that could leverage the latest AI technologies to create a productivity tool that can help people realize their goals and dreams. Jaseci enabled us to rapidly get a scalable infrastructure that could be rapidly adapted to support unique applications of NLP. The ability to rapidly deploy and experiment with complex data structures and new technologies has really allowed us to advance our capabilities."
Brian Yang
Senior Director of Product Management
at Verint
"Jaseci made it easy to add AI functionality to TrueSelph. It’s fun and elegant, and was simple to integrate into our existing backend. Jaseci makes it easy to pick and use the appropriate model that’s required for a particular feature. Jac, the language used to create Jaseci programs, is pleasurable to write, and easy to learn, and provides a wonderful DX. And the tools shipped with Jaseci makes it easy to debug your AI programs. With Jaseci, creating and stitching together microservices that supply disparate AI models is no longer necessary."
Gimel Dick
Systems Engineer @ V75 Inc
Student at the University of Guyana

Jaseci simplifies and automates the management of complex application stacks, allowing a single developer to build like a team of experts

Bleeding edge AI ready for use

Task-level AI models across language, vision, etc domains, engineered and configured by the top AI science so you can directly plug and play

Rapid backend development

Create without compromise using hundreds of pre-made or custom visual, layout, platform, and interactive widgets in the SDK.

Automated API generation

Flutter makes it easy to implement adaptive and responsive designs so your apps look beautiful on every screen you’re targeting.

Automated scalable deployment

Build Flutter apps with your favorite editors like VSCode or Android Studio with plugins to enhance your workflow and integrated dev tooling.

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The Jaseci AI program introduces you to the field of AI and building AI products with the Jaseci AI stack which comprises cutting edge AI built with TensorFlow, PyTorch, transformer deep neural networks etc.

The Docs

Jump right into development with the official Jaseci Documentation. Learn about the Jaseci Open Source Ecosystem, access Sample source code and learn how to program with JAC, the Jaseci language.


The Jaseci Bible

An unfinished and loving comedic treatise to Jaseci by its creator. The Jaseci Bible shares the underpinning philosophies of the Jaseci mission and architecture as well as provides a great reference to budding JAC developers.

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