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Jason Mars

Professor of CS, University of Michigan, AI Tech Innovator

Jason Mars is the inventor of Jaseci. His work is at the intersection of science, technology, and creativity. Jason’s mission to have meaningful impact in the lives of every human is demonstrated by a long list of intellectual and technical contributions.

Jason’s work constructing large-scale A.I. and deep learning-based systems and technology has been recognized globally and continues to have a significant impact on industry and academia. Jason holds a PhD in Computer Science from UVA

Prof Jason

Yiping Kang

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Yiping Kang is a post-doctoral research fellow in the Computer Science Engineering department at the University of Michigan. He is a research expert in natural language processing, computer vision, computer architecture and systems, with numerous publications at top tier academic conferences including ISCA, ASPLOS, ACL and NeurIPS. Previously, he was Head of Product at Clinc, a conversational AI startup, leading the product development of the world’s most sophisticated conversational AI platform serving millions of users worldwide. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 2018.

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