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Inter-American Development Bank funded Jaseci AI apprenticeship program – July 1, 2022

Select participants from the Jaseci AI / Spark program, which saw nearly two hundred Guyanese youth upskilled in leadership and AI tracks, gained the opportunity to further their foundational AI training through the Jaseci AI apprenticeship program. This program was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Lab under project GY-T1162 – Developing Guyana’s ICT Sector. The IDB is a development-focused bank that provides multilateral financing and expertise for sustainable economic and institutional development in Latin America and the Caribbean. The project’s executing agency, Nexus Hub Inc., in collaboration with Jaseci Labs LLC worked with local technology firm, V75 Inc. to facilitate the industrial attachment of ten (10) graduates from the Jaseci AI / Spark program comprising individuals from high school, the University of Guyana, Computer Science Department and local industry.


The ten chosen apprentices will undergo a focused, three month industrial attachment with V75 Inc. as they work on building various AI products to deepen their understanding of the Jaseci Open Source ecosystem as well as the field of AI. The program will be executed remotely, allowing the participants to work in their own time but according to scheduled milestone deliveries. Each participant will receive a monthly stipend as they progress through the program as well as the opportunity to be drafted into one of the AI-focused teams within Jaseci Labs or V75 Inc. The program also presents the apprentices with a tech entrepreneurship pathway with the opportunity to continue to develop their AI products towards commercialization under the guidance of Jaseci Labs and the support of V75 Inc. 


The program is set to run from July 1, 2022 – Oct 1, 2022.


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