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Jaseci Labs collaborates with Government of Guyana on mass AI upskilling programme

The Jaseci Spark AI Programme which aims to introduce students to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology was launched today at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD).

The programme is a product of the collaboration between the Ministry of Education and the LEAD Mindset, JASECI Labs and BCS Technology.

Jason Mars explained that the programme will run for eight weeks with two tracks, one that focuses on developing the leadership and innovative mindset while on the other, participants will be exposed to the AI technical track. He said that the AI track which will teach the students how to code and use the same instruments used by the biggest companies in the world to build AI products and services. He said that along the AI track, students will be required to build a real AI product that could be launched to the world.

Students from more than 10 secondary schools across the country would be participating in the programme. Read more about this program on the Department of Public Information (Guyana) website.


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