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The Jaseci Dojo

The mission of the Jaseci Dojo is to educate, promote, and build bleeding-edge, innovative AI solutions using the Jaseci open source ecosystem. The Dojo is committed to support and facilitate the growth of a diverse and international community of technology innovators builders and programmers.

The Docs

Jump right into development with the official Jaseci Documentation. Learn about the Jaseci Open Source Ecosystem, access Sample source code and learn how to program with JAC, the Jaseci language.


The Jaseci Bible

An unfinished and loving comedic treatise to Jaseci by its creator. The Jaseci Bible shares the underpinning philosophies of the Jaseci mission and architecture as well as provides a great reference to budding JAC developers.

Join Our Community

Learning is amplified when we’re apart of a community of like-minded folks that share our enthusiasm for AI and can motivate, guide, and celebrate our learning journey with us.

Learn Jaseci

The Jaseci AI program introduces you to the field of AI and building AI products with the Jaseci AI stack which comprises cutting edge AI built with TensorFlow, PyTorch, transformer deep neural networks etc.

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