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A Whale of a Tale: The Size-Matters Misconception For Generative AI

In this new age of generative AI, everyone has made a major assumption for which a pressing question has emerged. You can see this manifesting in certain nerdy corners of social media. This screenshot of Reddit and Twitter posts shows the rising curiosity about the effectiveness of small, open-source models versus their large, proprietary counterparts. […]

What’s In Store For The Next Generation Of AI? The Jaseci Perspective

Behind every great application, game, and digital experience are the endless lines of code produced in one of the popular programming languages. You know, the Pythons, JavaScripts, Javas—the list goes on. And the more you work with these popular programming languages, the quicker you discover the true meaning of compromise. That’s not to say these […]

Inter-American Development Bank funded Jaseci AI apprenticeship program – July 1, 2022

Select participants from the Jaseci AI / Spark program, which saw nearly two hundred Guyanese youth upskilled in leadership and AI tracks, gained the opportunity to further their foundational AI training through the Jaseci AI apprenticeship program. This program was funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Lab under project GY-T1162 – Developing Guyana’s ICT […]