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Myca is an AI-powered platform that supercharges your productivity and transforms your personal growth, helping you achieve more and become better by providing insights about the real you— your past, present, and tomorrow.


Trueselph allows you to create an AI-powered version of yourself that interacts with the world. Interact with your followers and fans like never before. Your SELPH gives them the ability to ask you questions, responding as you would, for that unforgettable one-on-one experience.


Zero Shot Bot

ZeroShotBot is a new conversational AI technology that allows for building chatbots than can be scalable within hours and requires no training data, allowing those with no coding experience to create a fully functional chatbot.

Home lending Pal

HLP is an AI-powered mortgage advisor that takes all the guesswork out of qualifying for a mortgage. HLP analyzes thousands of data points to find the most affordable mortgage options for you, uncovers hidden mortgage and closing costs, and identifies lenders that will lend to you.