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Build the next generation of AI Products

Reimagine the paradigm for building next-gen AI products at scale

Jaseci is an end-to-end open-source and Open Computational Model, Technology Stack, and Methodology for bleeding edge AI. It enables developers to rapidly build robust products with sophisticated AI capabilities at scale.

Re-think AI Product Development

Jaseci simplifies and automates the management of complex application stacks, allowing a single developer to build like a team of experts. Build your own AI today.

Abstraction without Compromise​

Abstraction without Compromise

Imagine an intuitive programming language used to wield a scalable eco-system of optimized AI models appearing as simple as add, subtract, multiply and divide operations in traditional programming languages.

Data-spatial programming

Jaseci moves away from functions and classes and embraces multi-dimensional graphs as intuitive representations of the complex data structures of modern AI applications. The locality information of your application’s data is inherently encoded in graph nodes and edges.

Data-spatial programming​
Agent-oriented programming​

Agent-oriented programming

Jaseci also supports the agent-oriented programming approach. Model your agents using walker classes, give them abilities and put them to work in a graph-based environment.

Automatically generated Rest APIs and libraries

Jaseci automatically generates RESTful API endpoints and other SDK libraries interface based on the Walkers defined in your application’s Jac code. Without having to worry about the complexity of web service frameworks like Django or Flask, developers can focus their energy on building the best AI features.

Intelligently scalable deployment infrastructure​

Intelligently scalable deployment infrastructure

Jaseci provides out-of-box production-grade containerization and orchestration so you can stand up a production-ready stack in minutes. With novel load balancing and facilitation techniques, your production Jaseci cluster scales intelligently with your application’s demand.

Completely open source to extend and distribute

Jaseci is a completely open source ecosystem that you can build on to include additional specialized libraries and engines to suit your needs for personal use or that of your clients.

Completely Open Source to Extend and Distribute​

Build Just About Anything, With Jaseci

Digital Assistants
Predictive & Big Data Analytics Systems
Scalable Microservice-based APIs
Search & Recommendation Systems
Facial Detection & Recognition Systems

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