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Need help to get getting next generation AI into your products and offerings? Kickstart your journey building your own in-house AI IP stack with a full advisory and engineering team from the folks behind Jaseci. Learn what’s possible, build the solutions you need with expert guidance, and own 100% of what we create. We’ll get you to production with novel AI solutions, train your team so you can get rid of us, and even help you write the patent.

Create and Deploy Tailored AI Solutions

We will work closely with your team to identify and create the right solutions for your use case. We will help you deploy to your customers at scale.

Keep 100% of Your IP

Anything we build through the collaboration is 100% yours. Maintain full ownership of your IP, codebase, customization, and any other deliverables.

Become an Expert Yourself

You and your team can become an expert in AI development through a comprehensive 6-week Jaseci education program. This enables your complete autonomous maintenance and customization of your application.

World-leading Team

Our team of Professors and CS Ph.D.s are the world-leading experts in Artificial Intelligence and Systems. We hold over a dozen of patents and have built multiple successful companies.

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